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We invite you to enjoy our Cajun / Creole dishes at any of our popular five food junctions. Enjoy the taste of New Orleans without leaving town! We got Seafood covered and have Vegetarian too ...

About Us

About Us

Serving you authentic Cajun/Creole since 2005. All dishes are carefully and quickly created for you by our team of Chefs, using the best quality ingredients. "We believe that if the food is cooked and served with love and passion it brings good health into consumer's lives...".

Customer Forum

  • 93% of our Groupon customers will recommend us and Extremely Satisfied with the food and service.
  • Average Yelp score 4.1
  • "We liked the grilled Mahi and the Redfish. The Boudin Balls are a tasty appetizer. Friendly staff."


Special Message

Watch in this space for upcoming Specials starting Aug 1st.


Please complete your Seven Visits and redeem for your free meal on or before July 31st. Starting Aug 1st, the Fishplace restaurants will not accept the Frequent Diner Card.

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